Quick Start Guide

Please follow the simple 5 steps below to get started.

Step 1 - Register

registerThe first step toward rendering your project with RenderCore is to register for a user account on our homepage. Get $20.00 Free Trial Render Points.
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paymentMethod Rendercore charges only for the time it takes to render your files. Go to the My Zone tab > Manage Account > Payment Method, update your credit card information. Pre-paid packages are available with significant discounts.

Step 2 - Upload

WEB FILE TRANSFER Once you log into your My Zone account go the File Browser tab. You just need drag and drop your project files to the File Browser. Then click the upload.

FTP CLIENT You can access your RenderCore FTP account through a third party FTP client. The ftp site for uploads is ftp.rendercore.com. The username and password is the same that was used to create an account on the website. Upload your project files to your root directory.

Step 3 - Submit a Render

REVIEW MANUALS Review the job submission manuals before uploading, to ensure that the render settings are set correctly in your scene. if you need further assistance, please feel free to email us at support@rendercore.com View Job Submission Manuals

SUBMIT JOB Once, you have logged in go to My Zone > New Job to submit your projects. This step allows you to specify the parameters of your render. Standard settings are: software version, frame range, job name, and output name.

Step 4 - Monitoring

JOB LIST Jobs can be monitored through the Job List tab. You can pause, kill, and resubmit your jobs. You will be able to view how long it took to render each frame. Also, there is an option to view the log files for each frame of as well.

Step 5 - Download

Rendercore Seamless Plug-In The Rendercore Seamless Plug-In syncs your rendered files to your workstation. Just install on your machine and your ready to go. We have a Windows And MacOs? options.

FTP CLIENT The ftp site for downloads is ftp.rendercore.com By using FTP client, you have the option of downloading individual frames as they finish. We have options to archive individual frames or archive the whole job.

Are ready to get started?

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