Render Farm Pricing

We offer you a pricing rate of 3 Cent/Ghzh regardless of the software or amount of machines used. Pay only for the time rendered.

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200.00 USD/Hr (Tech Support)
100.00 USD/Monthly (Private file server space)

PAY PER HOURCPU Rendering Pricing



Cloud Rendering Service Pricing Option


$ 0.03

per Ghz hour

$ 0.87

per Node hour

  • Maximum of 40 nodes
  • 24-hour turnaround times.
  • In queue behind jobs of the High product type.
  • Manual Installation of Software and Plug-In Support
  • -

$ 0.05

per Ghz hour

$ 1.44

per Node hour

  • Maximum of 80 nodes
  • Fast turnaround times
  • First on the queue
  • Up to 96 GB RAM
  • Manual Installation of Software and Plug-In Support

We Offer On-Demand Cloud Rendering Service With Quick Turnaround Times And Only Pay For What Was Used. Blender users will receive 30% off Medium and High renders.

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Pricing Explained

per Ghz hour
  • Price per Ghz hour is a more precise representation of the rendering cost. It is a price for 1 Ghz used in an hour of rendering regardless of the model of the node being used (we have a few different nodes types on the farm)
  • Example scenario
  • A node with two 2.4 GHz 6 cores CPU’s uses ~29 GHz per hour of rendering. The cost in this scenario equals to $0.86 on Medium, and $1.44 on High pricing option.
per Node hour
  • Price per node hour is based on the Ghz rate and it shows you how much you pay if you used a node for an entire hour. Note that we have different models of nodes on the farm and thus the node hourly rate may vary due to different Ghz specs.
  • Example scenario
  • If you have 50 frames to render with an average render time of 1 hour per frame. The 50 frames render on 50 nodes at once and finish in 1 hour, the render will cost $43.00 on Medium, and $72.00 on High pricing option.

Pay As You Go

The discount is automatically applied when purchasing Render point in advance. The more Render point you purchase, the higher the discount value- up to 25%. Each Render point is $1.50 USD. We offer high memory machines that have up to 96GB of RAM. A 15% additional fee will be added to the end of your render.

$ 1,000
9505% Off
  • 667 point
  • 1.4 cent value
  • $ 0.033 per node hour
$ 2,000
180010% Off
  • 1333 point
  • 1.3 cent value
  • $ 0.031 per node hour
$ 3,000
255015% Off
  • 2000 point
  • 1.2 cent value
  • $ 0.028 per node hour
$ 5,000
400020% Off
  • 3333 point
  • 1.2 cent value
  • $ 0.028 per node hour
$ 10,000
750025% Off
  • 6667 point
  • 1.1 cent value
  • $ 0.026 per node hour

Cost Estimator

The Cost Estimator provides estimates from frames that were rendered on our system only. Please submit 3-5 test frames on our system for an accurate average render time per frame. Our machines are Xeon Dual Six Core 2.4Ghz 32GB RAM machines. There are no additional fees for renderers or plug-ins that are currently supported on the render farm. If don’t see the software that you are using on our supported section, then please email us at ​ View our quick overview tutorial to help you get started.

Render Farm Specifications

All the supported software is installed and contact us regarding plug-in availability before purchase.

We offer high memory machines that have up to 96GB of RAM. (15% Additional Fee Will Be Added To Your Render )

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