Using External Files (MDD, Alembic) With Modo

September 12, 2018 04:27 PM

MDD and Alembic cache files are supported on Rendercore Lab. Normally, they should be collected by Modo during the consolidate process and added to the 'imported_images' folder along with all other assets.

If your project uses an MDD or Alembic cache file and Modo fails to add it to the 'imported_images' folder, please follow these steps to make it work properly:

  • Copy the mdd/abc file in the same folder with your lxo file.
  • In the lxo file, edit the path to the mdd/abc file and leave only the file name, without any path information.
  • Save the lxo file and upload everything (lxo bundled file, imported_images folder, cache files) to our server.