Do You Support Layers Or Passes?

September 13, 2018 05:36 PM

Render Layers

It depends on how you define layers or passes. Items like alpha passes, Z-Buffers, etc, we refer to as passes, however we refer to things like having another sequence, multiple cameras, or another scene, etc. embedded in the master project file as layers.

We do not have limits on the amount of passes used in your scene, however, please be mindful that having too many passes may increase the download time. We have other options for receiving your output, you can either have a courier drop of a drive for us to upload the passes. Also, too many passes can sometimes slow down your render and can increase the cost of the render greatly.

With layers, some things are just known to cause problems. (Maya tends to have the most issues with this technique.) Having layers were each layer has a different camera, different set of objects, or different render engine usually creates errors or an overall failure. It is best to send one file for each camera so that if a job does fail, it maybe easier to find the problem. You will be responsible if any render fails with layers.