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Beware Of The Following

Over our 15 year history of providing render services for clients from all around the world. It's rare when we work with a client that we find to..

Do you support GPU rendering?

No. Our render farm only supports CPU rendering at this time. We will support GPU rendering in the near future.

Do I Need To Bake My Scene?

Due to the nature of render farms, frames get broken into segments to be rendered by multiple computers. The best way to do this is through batch..

Do You Support Layers Or Passes?

It depends on how you define layers or passes. Items like alpha passes, Z-Buffers, etc, we refer to as passes, however we refer to things like ha..

How Much RAM Does The Renderfarm Have?

Rendercore's machines have 32GB of RAM, but we can provide up to 96GB. If you require more than 32GB, please email us at ..

How Much 3d Work Does Rendercore Do?

We prefer to never open your files. We do this not only for liability reasons, but to avoid changing anything in the scene. We DO NOT optimize fi..

How Long Do You Store My Files?

You are free to delete you files at anytime. We do reserve the right to manage any files that are being stored on our systems. We delete your fil..

How Many Nodes(computers) Does Rendercore Hav..

At Rendercore, we have access to over 200 Xeon 12-Core machines 2.4GHz, with 32GB up to 96 GB memory.

Privacy Policy

[Collection of Information] We collect personally identifiable information, like names, postal addresses, email addresses, etc., when voluntarily..