Rendercore Lab Now Supports Arnold 4.0.3 for Maya!

May 18, 2020 03:08 AM

Rendercore Lab Now Supports Arnold 4.0.3 for Maya!

MtoA 4.0.3 is a feature release, that is binary compatible with 4.0.* versions. It includes the following improvements :

Ticket - Summary

  • Windows: MtoA master (for Maya PR 2021) doesn't contain xgen_procedural
  • selection of objects in .ass aiStandins not working from ARV
  • Grouping an object and then hiding the object inside the group does not update in the IPR
  • ARV: grouping/parenting fails in IPR
  • Export shaders to ass fails with shading engine selection
  • Remove the Composite shader
  • Export selected should always export selected Dependency Nodes
  • Expose missing Arnold shaders
  • Maya 2020, Bifrost & Caching: Arnold IPR does not update non-simulated animated Bifrost geometry on time changes when Cached Playback is enabled
  • Don't create an Arnold session for swatches
  • delay loading .ass and USD contents until treeview is expanded
  • Use the new AiSceneWrite API
  • Sheen (Toon) appears in the wrong place
  • Toon rim light not supported properly with full paths
  • Toon stylized highlight not supported with full paths
  • Update Scons version
  • Extra Attributes moved under Arnold tab on bifShape

For more information go to visit Arnold Renderer Website.

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