Rendercore Lab Now Support V-RAY 5.20.02 for 3dsmax!

January 09, 2022 10:20 PM

Rendercore Lab Now Support V-RAY 5.20.02 for 3dsmax!

New features

V-Ray, VRayPhysicalCamera, V-Ray GPU
  • Support for the texture mode of the lens distortion option in 3ds Max's Physical camera and VRayPhysicalCamera;
  • VRayCryptomatte support for Refraction and Reflection;

Modified features

  • Add a "Manage Chaos License Server" button in Settings;
  • Add a warning in the Analyze exporter tool about gif assets;
  • Integrate the new RailClone API additions allowing non-geometric (light) objects instancing;
  • Support for modifiers which affect Railclone objects in Standalone and Cloud;
  • Add an option for V-Ray GPU IPR to use the Render states/counts/iterations/modes instead of the viewport ones;
V-Ray, V-Ray GPU
  • Add an option for backface projection in VRayDecal;
  • Improve VRayDecal viewport representation;
  • VRayDecal to respect bounding box positions for ordering;
  • Animatable VRayDecal parameters;
  • Support for Phoenix Simulators and Particle Shaders in the V-Ray Atmosphere RE with V-Ray GPU;
  • Reduce kernel compilation times by up to 60%;
V-Ray Hair Mtl
  • Change the default Compensate Energy in VRayHairNextMtl to OFF;

    V-Ray Light
  • V-Ray lights' settings to be set to default value with right click on the spinners;

  • In creation mode the V-Ray light should inherit the parameter values of the previously edited light;

Bug fixes

  • UDIM textures with more than 99 tiles in one dimension do not work;
  • Mapped fog color is not preserved on export with Preserve refraction in OverrideMtl;
  • Uninstallation of Chaos Thumbnail Handler may cause errors if it fails to complete fast enough;
  • Multiple VRayFastSSS2 materials do not export properly when they use the same VRayColor2Bump texture;
  • Crash when changing decal angle parameters in Max 2019;
  • VRaySoftbox's gradient handles are linked;
  • Spinner controls steps in the plugins with Qt native UI are not adaptive;
  • Anima characters not following walkway path on scene export;
  • Switching between two instances of VRayBitmap does not update all parameters in the Compact editor;
  • Wrong Lens Effects with Denoiser and Sharpen/Blur layers on big resolutions;
  • 3ds max 2017 crash when creating lights from VRayToolbar;
  • Anima Rigged characters' textures not rendering properly;
  • Crash when using VRayDecal and Cryptomatte Render Elements;
  • Closing the render settings window while GPU IPR is running resets Test resolution;
  • The selected color space for OCIO is blank when using specific modified OCIO file in 3dsmax 2019;
  • V-Ray not utilizing more than 64 threads in some cases on Windows 11;
  • Bump is reversed in reflections;
V-Ray Material Library
  • Create a new material library from a .max file doesn't work;
  • Black Light Cache prepass on high resolution renders;
  • VRayDecal doesn't work with VRayFur and Ornatrix in V-Ray GPU;
  • Different GI results with enable/disable render elements and HairNextMtl;
  • Textured VRayDecal does not work with on-demand-mip-mapped mode ;
  • The LPE don't capture the scattered self illumination of the EnvironmentFog or the VolumeGrid;
  • Crash with multiple instances of VRayDecal;
  • Crash in V-Ray GPU IPR when moving camera;
  • GPU Light cache freezes with certain scanned materials;
  • Memory leak with Light Cache Subdivs;
  • Increasing the GI depth during GPU interactive rendering causes a crash with specific scenes;
  • The Light Mix render element does not work correctly on GPU when the camera Auto Exposure is enabled;
V-Ray, V-Ray GPU
  • Issues with Anti-aliasing (bucket sampler only) when using VRayCryptomatte mask and Multi/Sub-object material assigned to single object;

  • VRayDecal V-Ray GPU IPR crash related to include/exclude lists

  • V-Ray, V-Ray GPU, VRayMultiSubTex, VRay Triplanar Tex

  • VRayDecal doesn't work with texture randomizations;

  • V-Ray, VRayFur, VRayPhysicalCamera

  • Composite map as a VRayDecal mask does not render on scene open;

  • VFB1 history right click menu is bugged;
  • Wrong tooltips with VRayMDLMtl;
  • VRayIES lights custom shape override is not working when scene is reloaded;
  • Dome light is created with wrong multiplier after scene reset;
  • Wrong VRayLight type when picking different light from VRayToolbar while in creation mode;
  • Dome light with units different from "Default" renders differently from the production renderer;
  • Crash during rendering the Helicopter Cosmos Asset and a Volume with Ray-traced scattering enabled;
  • Memory leak of the uvw and nonDisplacedVertices buffers when rendering in mesh modes;
  • Enabling one of the new Translucency modes of the BRDFVRayMtl during interactive rendering causes issues;

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