Rendercore Lab Now Support V-RAY 5.10.21 for Maya!

August 23, 2021 12:38 AM

Rendercore Lab Now Support V-RAY 5.10.21 for Maya!

New feature

  • Maya 2022 Python 2 support in the stable nightlies;

Modified features

V-Ray Material Library
  • Downloader tool support for Linux and MacOS as well;
  • Support for drag'n'dropping library materials in the Hypershade and anywhere in the viewport;
  • Adding the same material twice is now possible through "Add to scene";
  • Applying the same material to another object is now possible through "Apply to selected object(s)";

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a freeze when loading a background image after rendering;
  • Fixed single-channel EXRs not saving corrections;
  • Fixed errors with test resolution when no VFB is used;
  • Fixed "Clear Frame Buffers" option not working;
  • Fixed purple banding with OCIO;
  • Fixed crash with black translucency in specific scenes;
  • Fixed some V-Ray metadata not written to EXR with batch rendering;
  • Fixed regression with non-ASCII characters in vrscene path with standalone;
  • Fixed Image format options UI opens on fullscreen in Maya 2022;
  • Improved rendering speed for Alembic files on many-core CPUs;
  • Fixed world texture mapping floating when camera is animated;
  • Fixed default viewport preview color for non-textured mode;
  • Fixed instanced USD files not rendering properly;
  • Fixed incorrect inner edges with opacity;
  • Fixed GPU light cache error when aborting render;
  • Fixed crash with ExtraTex and GPU light cache;
  • Fixed fireflies with refractive materials;

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