Rendercore Lab Now Support V-Ray 5.10.23 for Cinema 4D!

October 22, 2021 12:47 AM

Rendercore Lab Now Support V-Ray 5.10.23 for Cinema 4D!

New features

  • Support for Cinema 4D R25
  • Support TexRamp in material nodes

Modified features

  • Improve responsiveness when working with Node Materials
  • Add an option to hide QT framework warnings from the log
  • Better conversion for the "Material Weight" and "Use Fresnel" parameters from the classic V-Ray Advanced Material

Bug fixes

  • Fix slow export of cloners in render instance mode
  • Fix slow export of scenes with lots of material assignments
  • GPU device selection is not used if preferences are not open
  • Wrong viewport previews of node materials
  • Viewport previews don't render if editor map size is not default
  • Overridden editor map size in the preview settings of the material is considered even if "override preferences" is disabled
  • The "Save" and "Open" dialogs are not shown when the VFB is used on displays with different DPI scaling
  • Textures are black in the viewport when using Cinema4D layered shader
  • LightMix in manual light select mode does not work
V-Ray, Interactive
  • VFB layers are not saved when applied while Interactive is running
  • Some Cosmos assets change their material when the object is expanded to geometry
  • V-Ray GPU crashes when rendering CarPaint 2 material in animation

For more information go to visit Chaos Group Website.

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