Rendercore Lab Now Support Arnold 2.1.949 for 3dsmax!

October 12, 2018 01:41 PM

Rendercore Lab Now Support Arnold 2.1.949 for 3dsmax!

We now support Arnold 2.1.949 for 3dsmax 2018-2019

Older versions of Arnold are also supported. With our new price cuts on our On-Demand rendering, now you can use the same rendering speed at a lower price. We now offer renders for as low as $0.01 per Ghz hour. More than 60% off our original price.


  • Option to retranslate the scene on a frame change: a new flag, called Re-translate Scene on a Frame Change was added to the rendering options. If enabled, the scene is re-translated from scratch on a frame change, when rendering a sequence. By default, from frame to frame, MAXtoA re-translates only the elements that changed, but there could be cases where these elements are not detected correctly. This new option simply re-exports all to Arnold, of course at the cost of the full scene translation time.
  • Update to Arnold


  • Point cloud with animated display volume not updating in animation.
  • Crash with legacy maps connected to Map to Material and legacy mode OFF.
  • Wrong Mode drop-down in vr_camera.
  • Minor toon shader layout improvement.

For more information go to visit Arnold Renderer Website.

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