Rendercore Lab Now Support V-RAY 5.20.01 for Maya!

January 09, 2022 10:18 PM

Rendercore Lab Now Support V-RAY 5.20.01 for Maya!

New features

  • Support for the texture mode of the lens distortion option in Physical Camera;
  • Added an option for back side projection in VRayDecal;

Modified features

  • New more robust Cryptomatte implementation;
Material importer
  • Added support for real world scaling when importing Cosmos materials;
Chaos Cloud
  • Changed defaults for cloud submit window to be single camera and single layer;
  • TotalLight Render Element now available with V-Ray GPU;
  • Reduced kernel compilation times by up to 60%;
  • Changed the default Compensate Energy in VRayHairNextMtl to OFF;
  • Improved the V-Ray chaser UI;
  • Support for exporting VRayDisplacement via chaser now available in the UI;
  • Support for exporting light texture files to USD;
VRayLightDome, VrayLightIES, VRayMeshLight
  • Show Atmospheric contribution controls in GPU UI for V-Ray lights;
Viewport 2.0
  • Updated the local anisotropy axis for VRayMtl in Viewport 2.0;
Chaos Cosmos
  • Proxies from assets are now with a nicer name;

Bug fixes

Fixed V-Ray not utilizing more than 64 threads in some cases on Windows 11;
Fixed reversed bump in reflections;
Support UDIM textures with more than 99 tiles in one dimension;
Fixed unnecessary prompt for EULA in Maya 2018;
Fixed Preview for Node not supported error when loading vrscene;
Fix font style in the installer on MacOS;
Fixed crash with VFB Clear log when a search is open;
Fixed crash with IPR rendering and VFB Log set to All when using High DPI scaling;
Fixed VFB2 log verbosity level resetting to 0 after crash;
Chaos Cosmos
Fixed assets imported with wrong offset and translate frame placement attributes;
Fixed materials category in Cosmos disappearing when multiple Maya sessions are open;
Fixed button for minimizing of the Cosmos Browser disabled on Linux and macOS;
Fixed Drag and Drop of Cosmos assets to the Maya Viewport on Linux and MacOS;
Fixed rendering an anonymous USD layer;
Fixed error when rendering empty USD layer;
Fixed crash when rendering different USD files with VRayScene and mayaUsdProxy in the same scene on Linux/MacOS (regression);
Fixed black Light Cache prepass on high resolution renders;
Fixed standalone from Maya installation failing to render with GPU;
Fixed crash with multiple instances of VRayDecal;
Fixed crash in V-Ray GPU IPR when moving camera;
Fixed memory leak with Light Cache Subdivs;
Textured VRayDecal does not work with on-demand-mip-mapped mode;
The Light Mix render element does not work correctly on GPU when Auto Exposure is enabled;
Fixed LPE not capturing scattered self illumination of EnvironmentFog or VolumeGrid;
V-Ray GPU, VRayDirt
Fixed VRayDirt objects casting shadows even with shadows disabled;
VRayHairNextMtl, V-Ray GPU
Fixed different GI results with enabled/disabled render elements and HairNextMtl;

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