Rendercore Lab Now Support V-Ray 5.10.21 for Cinema 4D!

August 23, 2021 12:41 AM

Rendercore Lab Now Support V-Ray 5.10.21 for Cinema 4D!

Modified features

  • Support for the VertexMap tag

Bug fixes

  • V-Ray doesn't render in the same color space as the Node materials
  • Geometry dissapears with V-Ray GPU Interactive rendering when using the CUDA engine
  • Opacity mask doesn't work if the "Tile" option is disabled
  • V-Ray doesn't render motion blur when using command line rendering with frame overrides
  • Node preview updates may not be triggered for ports of Layered and Blend nodes
  • Aborted update of texture node preview
  • Different animated visibility in V-Ray for Cinema 4D and Standalone
  • Animated visibility of objects does not work when exported and rendered with V-Ray Standalone
  • Fix artifacts with animated boolean geometry
  • Crash with animated boolean geometry when using default scene material
  • Adding a scene containing proxy from the content browser doesn’t keep the materials applied
  • Rendering alembics is more than 3 times slower than rendering unpacked geometry on CPUs with many cores

For more information go to visit Chaos Group Website.

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