Rendercore Lab Now Supports Arnold 2.4.3 for Cinema 4D!

November 29, 2018 01:30 PM

Rendercore Lab Now Support Arnold 2.4.3 for Cinema 4D!



  • Edit multiple drivers in the AOV dialog

  • Swap input in mix and layer shaders

  • Move layers in the layer shaders

  • Display available built-in attributes in the user_data shaders

  • Support for vector motion blur in X-Particles

  • Specify vector motion blur via a vertex color tag

  • Support custom feature layers in the Arnold denoiser dialog


  • R20 crashes on load when C4DtoA is installed on a network drive

  • OptiX denoiser does not work in R20

  • Substance shaders in the network editor are slow

  • Loft nurb with cloned spline does not render

For more information go to visit Arnold Renderer Website.

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