Generating V-Ray (Multi-frame Incremental) Irradiance Cache Files

September 12, 2018 03:30 PM

Rendercore now supports generating irradiance cache file on the render farm. The process is split into two scenes.

The first scene is used to compute the .vrmap file.

The second scene does the actual rendering using the generated . vrmap file.

1st Scene: (Generating Cache) Set Up

Set the irradiance map to a specific drive, except for the C drive. If you only have the C drive, then you can manually change the path in your scene.

For the following example, we set the path the D drive. Then log in to your ftp account and mimic the scenes path.


In your render settings, go to the V-Ray-> Global Switches-> Indirect Illumination. Check the Don’t render final image setting.


Please make sure that the irradiance map names between the first scene and the second scene are named the same. The names must be identical for the second scene to find the .vrmap file created by the first scene.

Our job management system is fully automated. Once both files have been set up, you can log in to our website and submit your job through our website.

New Job

Fill out all the required the information. The by frame options allows you select every frame or every other frame.

For example, every 10, or 100 frames. For the multi-frame incremental option, we can only use one machine. So, the whole frame range will be grouped to render on one machine.


2nd Scene: (Final Render) Set Up

Before uploading your final scene file, please make sure to disable the Don’t render final image setting.

In your render settings, go to the V-Ray-> Global Switches.