3dsmax Render Scripts

September 12, 2018 01:46 PM

3dsmax Render Scripts

Script & Description

-camera: OR -cam: Render camera

-width: OR -w: Output width

-height: OR -h: Output height

-pixelAspect: Pixel aspect ratio

-stillFrame OR -sf Indicates that this is a still frame render; no frame suffix will be added to output filename

-gammaCorrection:<1/0> Toggle gamma correction

-gammaValueIn: Input gamma value

-gammaValueOut: Output gamma value

-continueOnError If an error is encountered, an attempt to continue is made

-videopostJob:<1/0> Apply Videopost to the scene


-showRFW:<0/1> OR -rfw:<0/1> Show/hide Render Frame Window during render

-skipRenderedFrames:<1/0> Toggle skip existing images

-videoColorCheck:<1/0> Toggle video Color Check

-force2Sided:<1/0> Toggle force 2 sided

-renderHidden:<1/0> Toggle render hidden

-atmospherics:<1/0> Toggle atmospherics

-superBlack:<1/0> Toggle super black

-renderFields:<1/0> Toggle render to fields

-fieldOrder: Field order

-displacements:<1/0> Toggle displacement mapping

-effects:<1/0> Toggle render effects

-useAreaLights:<1/0> Toggle area lights/shadows

-useAdvLight:<1/0> Toggle use advanced lighting

-computeAdvLight:<1/0> Toggle compute advanced lighting

-ditherPaletted:<1/0> Toggle output dithering (paletted)

-ditherTrueColor:<1/0> Toggle output dithering (true color)

-renderElements:<1/0> Toggle render elements


-BMP_TYPE:<2/8> .BMP type, 2=paletted, 8=true 24

-JPEG_QUALITY:<1-100> .JPG quality value

-JPEG_SMOOTHING:<1-100> .JPG smoothing value

-TARGA_COLORDEPTH:<16/24/32> .TGA color bitdepth

-TARGA_COMPRESSED:<1/0> .TGA compression on/off

-TARGA_ALPHASPLIT:<1/0> .TGA alpha split on/off

-TARGA_PREMULTALPHA:<1/0> .TGA premultiplied alpha on/off

-TIF_TYPE:<0/1/2/3> .TIF type, mono/color/logl/logluv

-TIF_ALPHA:<1/0> .TIF alpha on/off

-TIF_COMPRESSION:<1/0> .TIF compression on/off

-TIF_DPI: .TIF dots-per-inch value

For each of the following there is a corresponding -RPF_xxx option

-RLA_COLORDEPTH:<8/16/32> .RLA color bitdepth

-RLA_ALPHA:<1/0> .RLA alpha on/off

-RLA_PREMULTALPHA:<1/0> .RLA premultiplied alpha on/off

-RLA_DESCRIPTION: .RLA description (in quotes)

-RLA_AUTHOR: .RLA author name (in quotes)

-RLA_ZCHANNEL:<1/0> .RLA z-depth channel on/off

-RLA_MTLIDCHANNEL:<1/0> .RLA material effects channel on/off

-RLA_NODEIDCHANNEL:<1/0> .RLA object channel on/off

-RLA_UVCHANNEL:<1/0> .RLA UV coordinates channel on/off

-RLA_NORMALCHANNEL:<1/0> .RLA surface normals channel on/off

-RLA_REALPIXCHANNEL:<1/0> .RLA non-clamped color channel on/off

-RLA_COVERAGECHANNEL:<1/0> .RLA coverage channel on/off

For each of the RLA options above, there is a corresponding -RPF_xxx option, plus the following which are specific to RPF and unavailable for RLA

-RPF_NODERENDERIDCHANNEL .RPF node render ID channel on/off

-RPF_COLORCHANNEL .RPF color channel on/off

-RPF_TRANSPCHANNEL .RPF transparency channel on/off

-RPF_VELOCCHANNEL .RPF velocity channel on/off

-RPF_WEIGHTCHANNEL .RPF sub-pixel weight channel on/off

-RPF_MASKCHANNEL .RPF sub-pixel mask channel on/off

Options are not case-sensitive MAXScript names for rendering parameters and flags are accepted as alias where applicable.

e.g. -width:1024 -height 1024